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Hey, I'm Victoria and I believe that health is happiness and simplicity. I'm not where I need to be, but I'm working to be where I want to be. I would say I'm pretty educated (though not certified) on fitness/health etc. and am willing to answer any questions. I don't post bodies, i support loving your own. I'm also slightly (very) obsessed with my horse, Fanfair, so you may see pictures of her on here from time to time.

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Anonymous said: How do you feel about intermittent fasting such as the 5:2 "diet". I don't want to do it to lose weight but there has been links to living longer and decreasing dementia risks.


Nope, the body needs fuel, inarguably.
I do not support any form of fasting longer than 12 hours, our bodies require food for basic function, it’s not okay to ignore hunger pains when you’re supposed to work with* your body (not against it).

I don’t know why people seek these types of things. It’s so crazy obvious to me that in order to stabilize at a healthy weight, achieve optimum health and well being // eat a balanced (high raw) plant based intake, 3 regular meals + snack each day, stay hydrated, engage in physical exercise a few times a week and practice self love.

It’s not that hard! x

Anonymous said: i told my boyfriend i love him and he said thanks and im just gonna go curl up in a ball and cry

Awwww babe I’m so sorry but think of it this way; better not to rush him into saying anything and have him not mean it. He could have gotten nervous and not known what to say.

Doesn’t mean anything though, my sister didn’t say I love you back to her boyfriend for a month because it was such a big deal to her and she was nervous - they’ve been together for 1.5years now.

Also he may be a douche but I don’t know that, I’m sure he loves you or will love you though ❤️

Anonymous said: ooh lol, explains alot. Any reason you're not out? Or just calling a quiet day?

Early classes tomorrow :( I don’t even go out that much though

*also I’m watching football with my brother

Anonymous said: ur still on the road?

Nah I’m home, still not very busy though haha